Odoo Case Studies and Stories

ChannelAdvisor Integrated with Odoo

Part 1: 3 Points to Ponder When Integrating Odoo with ChannelAdvisor

Odoo is your back-office system. ChannelAdvisor is a hub for all of your various eCommerce channels. Orders need to be imported, inventory needs to be synchronized between the two systems. Taxes are collected with orders and must be recorded, reported and paid. These are just a few of the many things to consider when integrating any eCommerce system with Odoo. [more ...]

Part 2: Authorization Methods for ChannelAdvisor API

There are three methods available. One is for existing SOAP applications and another is for desktop applications or any applications that are user-driven. The one we typically use for our auto-synchronized order imports [more ...]

Part 3: Obtaining API Keys and Access Tokens from the Developer Console

Authentication and authorization are the first steps necessary to query the ChannelAdvisor API for sales, returns/cancellations, inventory counts. You name it! You will be able to obtain API keys which are required credentials for querying the CA API. [more ...]

Odoo PLM Integrated with SolidWorks

Integrating your product and component drawing software SolidWorks with Odoo's PLM module. What to consider first and a few options to make it almost painless.

[more ...]

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