About Quickbeam ERP

The Team

Adam O'Connor
President, Co-Founder

Adam studied math and computer science as an undergrad and at the graduate level. His love for logic, reason and technology can only be matched by his love for people. In his view, strangers are just people that he hasn't befriended yet. He sees his clients as part of his extended family and seeks to serve them as such. He is a seasoned LAMP stack and Odoo developer (Python/XML/JavaScript/PostgreSQL) and search engine optimization expert. During his nights and weekends, he studies and plays jazz guitar, embarks on geological expeditions with his 5 children and rides a very long skateboard with off-road wheels down hills near his mountain home. He also brews his own ales and enjoys drinking them as well.

Michelle O'Connor
Vice President/Project Manager, Co-Founder

Michelle is a homeschooling mother of 5 children, ages 10, 8, 6, 4 and almost 1. She is an excellent communicator and has a Master's degree in Interactive Telecommunications. She has a keen intellect that she has applied to creating a successful ecommerce business, wedding package business and many successful Internet Marketing endeavors. She loves learning about child development and education and applying that knowledge to raising her own children. Michelle also enjoys intimate gatherings where she can enjoy deep and meaningful conversations with interesting people. She is also a top-notch project manager that can keep many balls in the air while calmly seeing them through to completion.

Professional IT Consulting

Quickbeam has been offering the following professional services in Information Technology since 2003:

  • Enterprise Software Consulting
  • Software Design and Development
  • 3rd Party Application Integrations
  • Bug and Data Software Fixes

From eCommerce Web Development to ERP Development and Implementation

Michelle and Adam O'Connor founded the company that was later incorporated as Quickbeam, LLC. As serial entrepreneurs, at about the same time, the couple founded Lake Arrowhead Weddings and for the next 3 years, offered complete wedding packages to brides from around the country.

In addition to founding Quickbeam and Lake Arrowhead Weddings, Michelle and Adam began in earnest to develop websites that earn income via Google Adsense and other monetization methods. ecommerce store. Eventually, that portfolio exceeded 60 websites that generate income via various means. There were many success stories and some duds. Every content-rich web portal they built would rank in Google for its main, niche phrases and many other long-tail key phrases. Today, while Quickbeam is still very active in the web space, the company mainly works in the ERP, CRM and accounting. In particular, Quickbeam implements and consults on Odoo ERP software and integration with ecommerce and shipping applications. The experience with Web design and marketing is being put to good use in sales channel analysis and sales process optimization as well as connecting ecommerce systems such as PrestaShop and Magento with Enterprise systems such as Odoo.

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