Brewery Management Software (Odoo)

Breweries need to carefully schedule production, plan for raw materials and comply with local, state and federal laws. We use Odoo to help breweries save a ton of money and protect themselves! Our approach to saving you money is two-pronged:

  1. Implement open source ERP (Odoo) at a fraction of the cost of our competitors (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft)
  2. Increase your production, procurement, delivery and sales efficiency with proper planning, strategy and margin calculations
We partner with breweries to create an Enterprise production management system that will:
  • properly schedule brewing production
  • plan for and procure raw materials
  • cut waste and increase efficiency
  • comply with federal, state and local laws
  • report on state excise taxes

With respect to impementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system, we have found that breweries have these three concerns in common. Quickbeam ERP partners with your company to meet these three (and more) challenges head on and overcome them:

1. Overbrewing or Underbrewing

Beer has a shelf life and breweries need to ship fresh beer (especially those finicky floral and fruity IPA's). We will partner with you to get Odoo set up properly to schedule production according to what has and will be sold. Breweries need to know exactly how much to brew and when. Let us get your brewery to a whole new level of production efficiency.

2. Brewery Accounting & Profitability

Microbreweries need to know on a daily basis how profitable they are. Being able to generate reports that combine data from your sales, production, deliveries, procurement and finances is critical. We use a very flexible and powerful reporting engine that integrates seamlessly with Odoo (formerly OpenERP). Configuring Odoo to output accurate and up-to-date inventory valuation and proper stock accounting is our forte.

3. Brewery Compliance

Breweries must report to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), pay state excise taxes, and must follow stringent criteria for label approval. We have customized Odoo to make compliance much simpler and automatic in many cases. We have designed our compliance engine to free your time so that you can focus on what actually makes your brewery profitable, making and selling beer.

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